Pizza Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

by admin on November 3, 2012

Like Dean Martin sang, “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore.” So let your love of the delicious Italian dish inspire a sweet dessert at your next birthday party! Trust me, a Pizza Cake is not as weird as you make think; it is really just a cake that looks exactly like a pizza pie (it tastes nothing like a pizza). The Easy Birthday Cakes website has a couple cute pizza designs for you to re-create or be inspired from, and all look like a true work of culinary art! You simply have to click on the picture of the cake your mouth is watering for and start baking!

Pizza Cake Picture Larissas Pizza Cake Pizza Cake

“Bravo!” All of these cakes look like an actual pizza hot and ready to be served! You can either make an entire circular pizza or just a simple yummy slice like Larissa’s Pizza Cake did. This was a very creative idea and looks terrific! All of the details that make up the toppings on the pizza look stunning too. I also liked the Pizza Cake and how there was shaved chocolate that was used as the shredded Parmesean and Mozzarella cheeses on top. You can also use colorful chocolates found at any craft store and mold them into shapes that look like pizza toppings, like anchovies, pepperoni pieces, olives, onions, peppers, or any other fun toppings that you enjoy on your pizza. You can even make a Hawaiian pineapple pizza and mold the chocolate into little ham pieces. You can get as creative as your imagination will let you, and let one of your favorite dinners be your guide!

If you already cooked up a pizza cake and want to share it with viewers, simply click this Pizza Cake link and post your delicious recipe!


Teddy Bear Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

by admin on May 30, 2012

Are you trying to capture that warm, lovey-dovey feeling at your little one’s birthday party? Why not use one of their favorite toys as inspiration for a party theme and (most importantly) a cake idea? Go for a bear hunt on our website and bake up one of these Teddy Bear Cakes! Here at the Easy Birthday Cakes website, we make it “easy” for you to be inspired because we have such a variety of teddy bear cakes to choose from. All you need to do is pick one of the adorable ideas posted by bakers just like you, crack a few eggs, and cause a “roar” at your child’s birthday party.

Teddy Bear Cake Picture Purple Bear Cake Stand Up Teddy Bear Cake
Teddy Bear Birthday Cake Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

As you can tell just by first glance at the photos, these cakes are absolutely adorable! And the best part is that they are super easy to re-create for your own birthday party! The simple instructions and visual aid given by all of the cakes makes it too good to be true when it comes to baking your masterpiece. I really enjoyed all of the creativity in all of the cakes on our site, especially the Stand Up Teddy Bear Cake that comes to life in its sitting position. Super creative and really fun to bake at home! All of the cakes are detailed to perfection, and there are a variety of colors of the teddy bears so you can have your little one choose a grizzly bear, polar bear, or even a fun colorful bear!

If these cakes have inspired you to try your own teddy bear cake and you wish to share it with the world wide web, please do not be shy and share your cake recipe, baking directions, and any helpful visual aids like photos to the Easy Birthday Cakes Teddy Bear Cakes link you see here.


Cinderella Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

January 18, 2012

These Disney-magical Cinderella Birthday cakes are sure to wow the little princess in your life. Surely every girl at some point in their life wanted to be a princess, and what better role model than Cinderella herself? Give your daughter all the magic and wonder with one of these very creative Cinderella cakes. The links […]

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Snowman Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

December 27, 2011

Brr! When the weather outside is frightful, there is only one thing you can do: bake! Everyone in the house is huddled up for warmth and are kind of bored, so get the whole family involved in baking a lovable and delicious Snowman Cake to brighten up their spirits and to get them excited for […]

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Turkey Cakes and Thanksgiving Cakes

November 9, 2011

“Gobble gobble!” When you hear that sound you know what that means: it is officially turkey time! Chase your turkey and prepare your holiday feast by adding a new tradition to your Turkey Day: bake a festive cake! These delectable Turkey Cakes look as real as the ones you are about to feast on, and […]

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Race Car Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

October 17, 2011

“Vroooom!” Rev up the car and hear the roar of your engine as you speed off from the starting line with one of the these Race Car Cakes. “Zoom” past all of the average, boring cake ideas that you see everyday and get in the fast lane with one of these ultimately cool cakes on […]

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Drum Cakes and Drum Set Cakes

October 6, 2011

Follow the beat of your own drum and go with a unique and cool choice for a birthday cake this year. These awesome and “rock-tastic” Drum Cakes are ready to go whenever the band gets here! These cakes are so convincing, they look as if they could carry on a beat! The contributors of Easy […]

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Guitar Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

October 4, 2011

Ready for your rock session? Hit all of the high notes and own your solos by rocking out to a rock n’ roll themed party, with the lead electric guitar as your centerpiece for all of the delicious party fun! These awesome and rock star approved Guitar Cakes are sure to blow your minds with […]

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Monster Truck Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

September 23, 2011

Get ready to rumble! Demolish the competition by running over their average, boring cakes with these epic Monster Truck Cakes! The ultimate birthday cake for your little monster truck driver, every boy in the neighborhood will be impressed (and a little bit jealous) that your son has such a magnificent cake revving up to go […]

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Halloween Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

September 14, 2011

BOO! Prepare to be spooked and haunted this Halloween season when baking one of these ghostly Halloween Cakes. Perfect for a haunted Halloween party or a special Halloween birthday party, these cakes will not only give you and your ghouls…I mean guests…the creeps, but you all will get thrills over how awesome and delicious you […]

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