13 Graduation Cake Ideas from Easy Birthday Cakes

by admin on March 17, 2011

Here are 13 different graduation cake ideas from Easy-Birthday-Cakes.com. Graduations will be here before you know it and graduations parties will be occurring all over the place, so we will all need to start gathering ideas for cakes! I like the idea of making two sheet cakes for high school graduations, one with the mascot of the high school that the graduate is leaving and one with the mascot of the college that the graduate is attending. These are easy cakes to make and they are usually of sufficient size and amount to feed all of the people at a typical graduation party. Here are the graduation cakes I am talking about and the last two shown below are an example of this:

Graduation Cake Fondant Graduation Cake Graduation Cake for Four
Enterprise High School Graduation Cake Graduation Cake Graduation Cake with White Chocolate Graduation Hat
Graduation Cookie Kiddie Graduation Cake Lemon Cream Graduation Cake
Round Graduation Cake Spongebob Graduates Cake Graduation Cakes
Graduation Cakes

If you like one of the cakes shown above and would like to have more information on how the cake was made, you can click on the picture and it will take you to a larger photo of the cake along with a description of how the cake was made.

The Spongebob Graduates cake got me thinking and I thought it would be a cute idea to make the cake in the character of the school mascot (for example, here we are the Bulldogs, so the cake would be the character bulldog) with a graduation cap on and maybe a diploma in hand. Unfortunately, I don’t have an example to show you, but if you end up making one – please make sure you submit it at the link below!

As you can see you can go the easy route and keep your graduation cake simple or you can create an elaborate graduation cake masterpiece. Either way, I hope that this post will give you some great ideas for making the perfect graduation cake! If you have made a graduation cake that you would like to share, please submit your graduation cakes here. We would love to feature them on our site and I will come back and edit this post to include them here as well.

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