Star Wars Birthday Cakes

by admin on July 6, 2011

“May the force be with you!” The force will not be needed, however, when it comes to baking one of these out of this galaxy Star Wars Cakes. With simple directions that are included with each cake along with a visual guide, these cakes are sure to please any Jedi knight or space alien in your life. The Easy Birthday Cakes website is so easy to navigate, spacecraft or no spacecraft, so all you have to do is click on the picture of the cake that you feel will be the biggest hit at your party and start baking! There is no need to get the light sabers out because you will not be disappointed in the plentiful selection of cakes shown below!

Star Wars Cake Picture Star Wars Characters Cakes Star Wars Light Saber Cake
Star Wars Sheet Cake Star Wars XWing Fighter Cake Kevin's XWing Fighter Cake

Light Sabers may cross and space crafts may fly as you try to decide which cake you wish to bake-though of course you can always just try them all and have a variety of cakes at your party! One of the cakes that I found to be especially creative and original (though all of the cakes you see posted here are very creative as well as original) was the Star Wars Light Saber Cake. Putting an actual light-up light saber right smack on top of the sheet cake is a brilliant idea that adds loads of fun to the already bumping party. The star designs and other fun designs on the sheet cake around the light saber add to the Star Wars theme’s effect, and make this cake truly a one-of-a-kind cake with directions that are easy to follow. But if you feel that you can also come up with a Star Wars cake that is also awe-inspiring just as these cakes you see here, please do not be shy and enter your cake idea with descriptions on how to bake it and a picture to this Star Wars Cakes link. Use the force, and your baking skills, to put one of these cakes on your table!

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