Monster Truck Cakes at Easy Birthday Cakes

by admin on September 23, 2011

Get ready to rumble! Demolish the competition by running over their average, boring cakes with these epic Monster Truck Cakes! The ultimate birthday cake for your little monster truck driver, every boy in the neighborhood will be impressed (and a little bit jealous) that your son has such a magnificent cake revving up to go at his birthday bash. The Easy Birthday Cakes website can help you to tackle this “monster” of a project, which you will find really is not that complicated at all! Here are all of the monster truck cakes that are currently on our website to help give you some inspiration!

Monster Truck Birthday Cake A Monster Truck Cake Grave Digger AKA Diggy Cake
2nd Birthday Monster Truck Cake Monster Truck Arena Birthday Cake Monster Truck Cake

As you can obviously see, all of these cakes are absolutely awesome! Each and every one is so unique from one another and very colorful and fun for everyone to enjoy! Making an entire arena and adding more cars into the cake design like the Monster Truck Arena Birthday Cake is an awesome idea for you to try. It also is a fun idea to get even more creative with the cake by designing your own monster truck and giving it an epic name that all will fear, like the Grave Digger a.k.a. Diggy Cake designer did. You can have your child be involved this way too by giving them the creative freedom to name their own creation!

If you have already made one monster of a monster truck cake and wish to have it displayed on our website for others to try, then feel free to click on this Monster Truck Cake link and submit your cake! Include directions on how you baked and decorated your masterpiece along with a photo if it is possible.

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